Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 38 Sad day

Today my mother's best friend passed away and then we discovered at dinner time that our dear old German Shepherd of 14 years had passed away as well... so this post is dedicated to mum's friend and our much loved 'Merlot'
His favourite place, the front step!
Surveying his domain                                                      
With his best friend                        


  1. To The Sharp Family
    This is very sad and my sympathy to you all .
    A much loved Merlot will be sadly missed .
    Thinking of you all Anne & Family .

  2. As an owner of 3 little dogs who are very much family, I feel for you as you farewell your loyal friend.

  3. I am sad to hear your news. I have enjoyed seeing the photos of Merlot over the the time I have been following your blog.

    He came across as a gallant sort of gentleman of a dog.

    I am sure he will be sadly missed.

  4. What a Beautiful looking Merlot, never met him but I bet he was delightful. Merlot will be running with Flynn xx