Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 Day Two of Road Trip to Hawkes Bay

En route to Gisborne
Today's photo is of the Waioeka Gorge. This is my most favourite drive in the North Island, the scenery is spectacular, peaceful and if it is raining it is spooky and mystical.
It is a great tourist destination as it has kayak trips, track and home stays. There are plenty of rest stops on the way and fantastic photo opportunities of the river and bush clad hills. There were so many photos to choose from, so I have added several today.

This photo caused me some concern as I did not notice the object in the bottom left hand corner when I took the photo, when zoomed upon it was obvious by general consensus that the car had been there for quite a while judging by the amount of rust.

Two of the estimated 40 million sheep in New Zealand

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