Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day Nine: Quintessential Kiwi Barbeque

We kiwis are very fond of our barbeques. A typical menu that has stood the test of time would consist of
  • snarlers (sausages, usually in bread with tomato sauce)
  • steak (of all varying sizes, shapes and marinades)
  • lamb chops
  • iceberg lettuce salad with sweet mayonnaise 
  • new potatoes with mint or roasted potatoes with rosemary
  • and for dessert Pavlova or trifle or Aunties sponge cake with cream and strawberries
But sometimes we can be very creative, if we can get our hands on seafood then we are likely to do something like this.

Today we had a barbeque for family and friends who are not still away on holiday. Here we have a variety of meat and vege kebabs


  1. We could do one of these for you when you arrive on Saturday? Looking forward to it!


  2. Counting down the days, will be looking for great photo ops as well!