Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day Twelve' Aggies Pants'

This is the view of our driveway. The Agapanthus line our driveway for at least 3 months. Agapanthus were declared a noxious weed a couple of years ago, but have had a reprieve in recent times. They grow like a weed but are great for stabilising the ground against erosion.

Day Twelve' Aggies Pants' (nickname courtesy of Margaret Miller)


  1. I know they are everywhere but didn't realise they were once classified as noxious.

  2. I also didn't realise Aggie's Pants (love the name!) were classified as noxious. I know my mother planted them all along the top of the bank behind the house to stop it from falling down onto the backyard. I'd say that's pretty helpful, really!