Friday, January 8, 2010

Day Eight 'Piha; Wild, Windy and Wow'

We did a day trip to the West Coast today to Piha, 1 hour and 9 minutes from where we live. It has always been famous for being a black iron sand surfing beach but in the last few years it has become even more infamous for the TV programme Piha Rescue which shows daring rescues with heroic surf life savers.
As well as the stunning beach, the surrounding landscape is imposing with Lion Rock and the harsh rocky bush covered cliffs.

Day Eight 'Lion Rock, Piha'

Visit to make your own!

If I had climbed it like @shaunwoodnz I would have seen this, fantastic!

As it is my birthday we stopped for a celebration drink at 'Elevation' a restaurant/bar in Waiatarua about 15 minutes from Piha. What a gem of a find, the views are to die for. It is 350 metres above sea level and the views of Auckland are incredible. As it was not a very sunny day the photos are bit bleak but I will be definitely coming back here on a good day to get day and night photos!

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